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Who Can Make a Complaint

Misconduct Complaint (78(1))

A complaint concerning any conduct of a member that is alleged to constitute misconduct may be made to and registered with the police complaint commissioner

(a) by a person who is directly affected by, or who directly witnesses, the conduct,

(b) by an individual known to and acting on behalf of a person described in paragraph (a), if the person on whose behalf the complaint is being made consents to its being made or is, because of age or a mental or physical condition, incapable of giving consent, or

(c) by a third-party complainant.

Service or Policy Complaint (168(1))

A member of the public may make a complaint regarding the general direction and management or operation of a municipal police department, or the inadequacy or inappropriateness of any of the following in respect of a municipal police department: its staffing or resource allocation; its training programs or resources; its standing orders or policies; its ability to respond to requests for assistance; its internal procedures.