Integrity Independence Excellence

About Us

Who We Are

The OPCC is an independent office of the Legislature. What this means is that we are independent of government and police. We are an organization staffed by a team of dedicated civilian employees with a range of backgrounds from policing, law, regulation and academia.

What We Do

The OPCC is the province’s independent civilian oversight agency that provides an accessible way for the public to voice their concerns about the conduct of any municipal police officer or department. While investigations into police misconduct are completed by the police, our office adds a layer of accountability and transparency to the complaint process by ensuring that investigations into police misconduct are thorough and fair.

The OPCC ensure accountability in policing in the following ways:

  • Determines the admissibility of all complaints filed against municipal police officers and forwards the complaint to the respective police department for investigation.
  • Can independently order an investigation into an incident that comes to the attention of the OPCC.
  • Can direct a complaint to be investigated by an external police department.
  • Can direct that the Discipline Authority (i.e., person who decides whether there is a finding of misconduct) be a Chief Constable or other high ranking member from an external police department.
  • If there are areas of deficiency in the investigation, the OPCC can direct further investigative steps or follow-up.
  • If the OPCC disagrees with a finding of no misconduct then the OPCC can forward the matter for review by a retired judge.
  • The OPCC reviews all disciplinary/corrective measures imposed to ensure they are adequate and appropriate considering the circumstances.

In addition to the above mentioned roles, the OPCC can make recommendations to police boards for improvements to the manner in which they deliver their police services to the public in British Columbia, such as recommendations for policy creation or policy amendment. We can also make recommendations for improvements to the Police Act.

We are committed to ensuring that the police complaint process in British Columbia continues to improve and meet the needs of both the public and policing community.

Who We Serve

We serve all British Columbians and all parties involved in the complaint process.