The OPCC is a unique independent office of the Legislature. We oversee the municipal police who hold significant enforcement powers under both federal and provincial laws. The OPCC includes two main areas of work: Oversight Operations and Business Operations.

Oversight Operations

Our Intake Staff respond to all complaints the OPCC receives from the public. They help with filing a complaint and, with our Outreach and Accessibility Coordinator, can connect complainants with a Support Agency to help with the complaint process.

Our Admissibility Analysts and Investigative Analysts possess a comprehensive understanding of the Police Act and associated processes. Our analysts also have expertise in the professional aspects of police operations. This includes expertise on policy, training, and the conduct of all aspects of police investigations.

The OPCC makes it a priority to maintain the important balance between the civilian nature of the office and the expertise staff need to do their work effectively. Ongoing training and development is provided to staff to advance this priority.

Business Operations

Our Outreach and Accessibility, Policy and Research, Administration and Support Staff are vital in keeping our office and systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our business operations team manages statistical reporting, corporate policy initiatives, strategic and workforce planning, and organizational systems and strategies.


At the heart of the OPCC is a dedicated group of people from both civilian and police backgrounds. To meet our goals, our team includes staff with diverse backgrounds such as law and policy, regulatory fields, administrative investigations and academia. More than two-thirds of our staff engaged in decision-making roles have backgrounds outside of policing.

Together, our Executive Leadership, Oversight Operations, and Business Operations work as a team to improve the police complaint process to meet both public and police needs.