Media – FAQ

Can the OPCC tell me if someone has filed a police complaint?

No. The OPCC is bound by an oath of confidentiality (see section 51.01 of the Police Act). The OPCC may not disclose that an investigation has been initiated or may be initiated under the Police Act or divulge any information relation to an investigation.

How do I get an interview with a spokesperson from the OPCC?

All media interview requests should be directed to Andrea Spindler, Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner. All enquiries will be responded to in a timely manner. Please let us know if your story has a deadline.

Telephone: 250-356-7458 or

Where can I find information about the complaint process?

Find out more information about the Complaints Process.

Where can I find information about complaint trends?

The OPCC is mandated to compile statistical information. We are also required to release this statistical information at least annually to the public. In order to ensure the public and media have timely access to this information, the OPCC releases statistical reports each quarter. Read our latest Statistical Report.

Each year, the OPCC is also required to release our annual report. Each annual report is completed on a fiscal year basis. This means that the report captures the work of the OPCC and statistical information from April 1st, to March 31st in any given year.

The annual report provides information about the work of the OPCC and the complaint process, discussion of our public education and outreach activities and discloses any recommendations the OPCC made to police boards and/or government. We also release statistical information about complaint trends and provide summaries of all allegations that were substantiated. Read our latest Annual Report.

Does the OPCC have a twitter account?

Currently, the OPCC does not have a Twitter or Facebook account. All enquires and requests for interviews must go through or call 250-356-7458.

Members of the media will receive media statements and releases directly from our office. View our Media Releases.

How do I get added to the OPCC media distribution list?

Email to send in a request to be added to the media distribution list.