Support Agencies

Support agencies are community-based organizations that we have formed relationships with. These diverse organizations can help individuals seeking support, assistance, and information about the police complaints process.

These Support Agencies may help a complainant who may be facing cultural, economic, age, language, physical, or other barriers. Their support can be helpful for getting through the process, particularly if you are hesitant or unable to directly access a police department or our office to file a complaint.

You can access supports to help you navigate the complaints process at any stage.

Complaint Resolution Options

Complainants often select someone from a community organization to support them through the Complaint Resolution or Mediation process. The support person ensures your concerns are heard.

Complainants can contact our office for help connecting with a support person. If you are a complainant and would like help finding support:

Contact Intake Services by:

Finding a support agency

Here is a list of support agencies to review.