OPCC Purpose


The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) is a civilian, independent office of the legislature which oversees and monitors complaints and investigations involving municipal police in British Columbia and is responsible for the administration of discipline and proceedings under the Police Act.

The OPCC performs its oversight function by determining the admissibility of complaints received from the public, initiating investigations and, when appropriate, referring matters for adjudicative review. The OPCC ensures that investigations by police agencies under the Police Act are thorough and professional, and are undertaken with impartiality and fairness to all parties involved.

The OPCC maintains records of all police complaints and Police Act investigations involving municipal police officers and the investigation outcomes. The office compiles statistical information and reports regularly to the public about these complaints and investigations. The OPCC is responsible for educating and assisting all parties involved in the complaint process including considering the needs of British Columbia’s diverse communities. The OPCC also oversees complaints related to the services and policies of police departments and makes recommendations to government and police boards. In some cases, the Police Complaint Commissioner refers matters to crown counsel for consideration of criminal prosecution.

The Office has four overarching goals in fulfilling its mandate:

  1. To strengthen policing accountability.
  2. To provide an accessible, effective, and understandable police
    complaint process.
  3. To improve organizational performance.
  4. To promote people wellness and development.



Effective and accessible civilian oversight that builds trust in police accountability.


The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner advances accountable policing within our communities and enhances public confidence in policing through impartial, transparent civilian oversight.


The OPCC is governed by three fundamental values:


We foster trust in the complaint process and treat everyone with respect, while ensuring impartial and principled decision making.


As an independent office of the legislature, we serve the public objectively and free from any improper influence or interference.


We ensure the police complaint process is fair and equitable to all parties, according to law.