Support Agencies

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has formed partnerships with community-based organizations that were most likely to be a point of contact for individuals seeking support, assistance, and/or searching for information about the police complaint process.

By engaging in collaborative partnerships, we are able to improve accessibility to the police complaint process for those who may be hesitant or unable to directly access a police department or our office to file a complaint.

An important part of the police complaint process is resolving complaints using Alternative Dispute Resolution. When participating in this process, a Complainant may have a person of their choice to act as support to assist them through this process.

The role of the support person is to ensure the complainant’s voice is heard. A community support person may assist a complainant who may face challenges such as cultural, economic, age, language or physical barriers.

Should a complainant wish to have a support person and cannot find one, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has established a list of support groups. A complainant may contact our office for assistance in obtaining the appropriate party to assist them through the process.

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