The public is advised that the Office of Police Complaint Commissioner continues to fully operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic and related government actions. While we are unable to offer in-person meetings, in order to protect the health and safety of all parties, we have TEMPORARILY restricted access to 947 Fort Street, Victoria, members of the public seeking information and/or making municipal complaints can do so in the following ways:
Online through OPCC website (“Make a Complaint” below)
Telephone: 250-356-7458
Toll Free: 1-877-909-8707

Thank you for understanding. We will be closely monitoring this situation and will reassess these measures as needed.

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Investigative Analysts:

The work of the OPCC is unique in comparison to that of other independent office of the Legislature. It provides oversight over municipal police officers who hold significant powers over citizens in the enforcement of the law created both federally and provincially.

OPCC analysts must possess a comprehensive understanding of the Police Act and associated processes. They must also possess an expertise in the professional aspects of police operations. This policing expertise includes policing operations, policy, training and the conduct of all aspects of police investigations.

At the heart of the OPCC is a dedicated group of people from both civilian and police backgrounds. To meet our objectives, our team includes staff with diverse backgrounds such as law, administrative investigations, policing, and academia.

Approximately, two-thirds of our staff engaged in decision making roles have backgrounds outside of policing.


Support Staff:

Our support staff perform a vital function in keeping our office running smoothly and efficiently. Our Intake Services and Public Outreach Coordinator supported by the Executive Administrative Assistant responds to all complaints the OPCC receives from members of the public. They are able to provide any assistance required in filing a complaint and can connect Complainants with one of our many support agencies to provide assistance in the police complaint process.