The public is advised that the Office of Police Complaint Commissioner continues to fully operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic and related government actions. While we are unable to offer in-person meetings, in order to protect the health and safety of all parties, we have TEMPORARILY restricted access to 947 Fort Street, Victoria, members of the public seeking information and/or making municipal complaints can do so in the following ways:
Online through OPCC website (“Make a Complaint” below)
Telephone: 250-356-7458
Toll Free: 1-877-909-8707

Thank you for understanding. We will be closely monitoring this situation and will reassess these measures as needed.

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The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner is mandated to compile statistical information about the following information:

  • Demographical information in respect of persons who file a complaint against a municipal police officer;
  • Information about the number and frequency of complaints and investigations;
  • Information about the different types or classes of complaints and investigations and the outcome or resolution of them; and
  • Any trends that are identified in the above.

The OPCC will publish statistical information on an annual basis as required by the Police Act