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Information for the Complainant

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner's role in the police complaint process is to ensure that the complaint process is conducted with impartiality and fairness to both the complainant and the police officer.

Police Act complaint investigations are conducted by the Professional Standards Section of the involved member's department. However, in some cases, the Police Complaint Commissioner may direct that another police department conduct the investigation.

A professional standards investigator will be assigned to the investigation and an analyst with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner will monitor the investigation contemporaneously. Usually, the assigned investigator will contact the complainant to obtain further details and information about the complaint. 

A complaint will be resolved in one of three ways: Informal Resolution, Mediation, or Formal Investigation.  It is the OPCC’s responsibility to ensure a complaint reaches the appropriate resolution.

The selections on the left side panel provide a brief overview of the police complaint process as it relates to the member of the public filing the complaint. For a more in-depth explanation please consult the BC Police Act or contact our office...