Filing a Complaint

Although no official complaint form is necessary to file a complaint, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has created an on-line complaint form to make access to the process as easy as possible. We have also created a complaint form that can be downloaded and printed. File a Complaint Online

A complaint can be mailed to our office or delivered in person to 947 Fort Street, Victoria, BC. You can also call us at (250) 356-7458 or 1-877-999-8707.

If you wish to go to the municipal police department to file a complaint, they are required to provide you with assistance in filing your complaint. The police department will then forward the complaint to our office.

The OPCC does not have jurisdiction over complaints involving the RCMP. For complaints involving RCMP officers, please click here to go to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission.

When filing a complaint please ensure that the complaint includes your first and last name, full contact details, the name of the municipal police department involved, details of the date and location of where the incident occurred and a detailed description of what occurred.

The OPCC will send you an acknowledgement letting you know that we have received your complaint. Click here for more information about what happens next.