Make a Complaint

If you have a complaint regarding a municipal police officer or department, you may complete and submit the form below. This will entitle you to various rights under the Police Act, including:

  • Participating in a Complaint Resolution process or mediation;
  • Being kept informed of the progress of the investigation;
  • Receiving a concluding report;
  • Given the opportunity to make submissions on what you feel are appropriate disciplinary or corrective measures;
  • If not satisfied with the outcome, the ability to appeal the decision.

If you simply want the police department and the OPCC to know about your concerns, but do not wish to participate in the formal complaint process, you may file a “Questions/Concerns” directly with the originating police department. Depending on the information provided, it may or may not result in an investigation and you will not have the same rights as set out above.

If you would like further information, click here for the Police Act, or click here for the Complaint Process or call us at 1 (877) 999-8707.

There are also a wide variety of Support Groups available to assist you through the complaint process. For help finding the right support group for your needs, please call our office at 1 (877) 999-8707 and ask for the Intake Services and Public Outreach Coordinator.

Instead of the online form you can download and use a PDF version of the form. The form may be handwritten and either mailed or faxed to our office.

PDF Complaint Form


Complainants who wish to file a complaint against an RCMP officer will be referred to the CRCC:
Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
Toll-Free: 1-800-665-6878


* Please note that the information on this form will be sent to the Chief Constable of the police department you are complaining about, in care of their Professional Standards Unit, or the department’s Police Board.

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